Give Your Residential Lawn & Bed Maintenance Work To Us

You deserve quality residential lawn and bed maintenanceĀ  care for your money. And this is what we provide at Spease Enterprise. Our team is dedicated and we care about our customersā€™ homes. Our three specific lawn care programs are designed to serve our unique clients.
Which lawn care program is right for your home?

Our programs include:

Hybrid Lawn Care
This program simply combines both the best of organic products and traditional products in order to create an optimal environment for eco-conscious homeowners who do not mind using some chemicals in their lawn care treatment plan. The hybrid plan is effective in preventing weeds, is still a safe option for people and pets, and reduces drought stress while providing nutrition.
Organic Lawn Care
This program utilizes natural plant, mineral, and animal sources instead of traditional chemicals, making it safe for pets, people, and the environment. While effects may be slower, they are sustainable and promote the build-up of micro-organisms in the soil while improving drainage, natural defense systems, structure, and nutrition, and reducing erosion.
Traditional Lawn Care
Typically the most affordable and fast-acting of the three programs, our traditional lawn care package utilizes common chemical treatments that have proven effective in providing fast, short-term results. This program is not as safe for people, pets, or the environment, and overuse can damage the soil and deplete micro-organisms.

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