Give the Parking Lot Maintenance Work to Us

Spease Enterprises is happy to offer parking lot and driveway maintenance services.

Spease Enterprises offers services such as the following:


Crack Sealing
Concrete can develop cracks over time from regular wear and tear, and especially in cold joint areas (portions of your driveway or parking lot where two separate slabs come together). If cracks are not sealed, water can seep under your slab and erode the soil underneath, causing severe damage.
Crack Filling
Asphalt cracks should also be repaired expediently to avoid more severe damage. This process involves clearing out debris from the cracks, applying a strong crack filler to close the gap, and smoothing the surface so that the asphalt is flush.
Hot Patch Services
Another way to repair asphalt is by using a hot patch. This is one of the more cost-effective ways to protect your property’s foundation from erosion that can occur from cracks in the pavement. Because hot patching requires specialized machinery and applying filler at very high temperatures, this type of job is best done by a professional.
Crack sealing
Parking lot striping
Seal coating
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