Give the Weed Control Work to Us

Are you worried about chemicals on your property — what should you do?

We offer three distinct lawn care packages: Our Organic Lawn Care Program, Hybrid Lawn Care Program, and Traditional Lawn Care Program. If using weed killing chemicals is a concern for you, choose our Organic or Hybrid programs. Our Organic Program avoids the use of traditional chemicals and is extremely safe for people, pets, and the environment while providing sustainable, long-lasting results. Our Hybrid Program uses only some chemicals and is still very safe and effective. Contact a weed control expert from Spease Enterprise  to learn more about our services .

Some types of common lawn weeds include:

Grassy weeds such as annual ryegrass, blanket crabgrass, witch grass, and creeping bentgrass
Broadleaf weeds such as alligator weed, alsike clover, Asiatic hawsbeard, and annual sowthistle
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